Espace Onze

Espace onze is a gallery showcasing the sculptural works on Martin Looker and other artists. A non-traditional exhibition space where creatives can sell their art without fees.

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The Journey

The building is a rare example in Le Grand Pressigny of a 1930’s commercial building. As yet I have not established the buildings age (probably from the 1860’s). Before it was a Station Service (Petrol Station) it was used as a shop - I have a photograph of the building with a different shop front.

In the 1930’s it was converted into the Station Service and continued in this use until maybe the late 1990’s.
Espace Onze is on the village main road and has a glass front, behind this (and connected with a door) is another building that will become the atelier and behind that a barn which will (eventually) be additional exhibition space/events venue.

The building has had a new roof fitted and will shortly be converted internally into gallery space with the atelier just needing a minor refurbishment to be ready to operate as my workshop.

Barn is stage two and will be tackled either later this year or next year.

Espace onze will open around spring 2024 to coincide with the Easter arrival of tourists to the area.
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