Originally from Yorkshire, Martin Looker is an emerging artist living in rural France.


His work reflects a fascination with texture: a weathered chunk of ancient oak, the patina of old bone or rusted metal, the delicate surface of a speckled eggshell.

He has a preference to use natural materials and his penchant toward rust leads to the discovery of unappreciated treasures hiding in plain sight. Man-made materials, particularly Formica, are often used to provide an interesting counterpoint to the natural elements.

Invariably a found item will spark a concept to be cultivated into the final form of a sculpture, often accompanied by a whimsical, sometimes eccentric title.


Past Exhibitions

March 7-15, 2020

37160, France

December 13, 14 & 15 and 20, 21 & 22

37600, France

October 12 & 13 2019

Du Festival de l'Art et Lard

Le Petit Pressigny
37350 France

30 September - 13 October 2019

Salon d'Humour dans l'Art

The La Roche Posay municipal exhibition gallery,

l’Espace Mose, welcomes 13 artists for it’s annual

“Salon d’Humour dans l’Art”.

Open every day from 3pm to 7pm during exhibition dates.


Sculptures submitted for this exhibition:
Pipe Dream
It Looks Like a Fish!
Last Stop

Gallerie Espace Mose
La Roche Posay
86270 France

29 June - 31 August 2019


What's this?

It’s all about exhibiting outdoor arts in public places in the summer and promoting one or two artists.

Two local artists are honored in 2019:

* Martin Looker from Grand-Pressigny
* Moses Depond, “Mose” de Lésigny

This summer you can admire some of the drawings of “Mose”, exposed outside. This exhibition is loaned by the Artothèque Grand Châtellerault.

The sculptures of Martin Looker, will be in the public garden as well as in the Church.

This exhibition will be presented to the public from June 29 to August 31.

De l’art grandeur nature...


Exposition de Sculptures

Martin Looker Sculpture

Exhibitions in Public Spaces – around Mairie and Church

Mose Artiste Peintre

Exhibitions – Mairie and Old Mairie Building

Mairie de Lesigny-sur-Creuse

1 Square Victor Girault
86270 France

Spring-Summer 2019

Chez' L

Vitrine July 2019
- Ground Control to Major Tom aka Before the Metamorphosis - Angelic ? - Who Cares ? - Landscape in Metal
Vitrine March 2019
- Parallel lines - La Chasse 3 (fin de série) - Chthonic (Natrix natrix) - Viva la Différance

4 Place Savoie Villars
Le Grand Pressigny
37350 France

March 2019

"Martin Looker, un artiste à la découverte de son public..."

Indre et Loire
Le Grand Pressigny

Publié le

11 - 28 February 2019


First Solo Exhibition

Gallerie Espace Mose
La Roche Posay
86270 France

October 2018

Du Festival de l'Art et Lard

Le Petit Pressigny
37350 France