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44ème Salon Artistique



Salle des Fêtes
37160 Descartes


Exposition Vente
de Noël
des Artistes



37600 Betz-le-Château
11h à 12h 30, 14h30 à 17h

December 2019

Betz-le-Château : L'exposition du collectif l'oeil vif s'annonce détonante

Indre et Loire

Publié le

Du Festival
de l'Art et Lard



37350 Le Petit Pressigny
Saturday – Open at 14h
Sunday – All Day

Salon d'Humour dans l'Art

Espace Mose
Ilot Mairie
Le Jardin de René
86270 La Roche-Posay
15h – 19h

About the featured sculpture – Pipe Dream

For this sculpture I have used three elements; a green painted tree root, a rectangle of red metal (which I rolled into the shape of a tube) and a base originally part of a wheel from an agricultural vehicle. It is totally abstract in conception but brought to mind a somewhat psychedelic dream sequence.

L'Oeil Vif Exhibition

l’Espace Mose
86270 La Roche Posay
19 Août au 1er Septembre 2019

Vernissage – 28 Août – 18h

LOEIL VIF Collectif Artistique
28 August 2019

Lésigny Art Grandeur Nature

Public Spaces around the Mairie and Church


29 June to

31 August, 2019


Lésigny Vernissage
29 June 2019

“It was stunning in the church with the sun streaming through the stained glass window above.

Exhibition looked really good and we were very impressed. it must have taken so much time and thought.

Congratulations Martin, it’s a real success.


“You are a true artist and I hope you exhibit a lot.”

“It was a pleasure to come.”


Of course I enjoyed your work, especially the statues that were in the church.
In addition, the atmosphere was very nice

Found Things





Gallerie Espace Mose

La Roche Posay

11 to 28 February, 2019


16 February, 2019

235 exhibition visitors

Dueling artists, literally...

The Vernissage was a feast for the senses –

in addition to the REDUCT-REFORM art and the lovely gallery light,

guests enjoyed appetizers, wine, jazz and even the excitement of a duel…

France versus England, of course!

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And finally on the culture scene, my friend Martin had an exhibition of his work at the local La Roche Posay centre. He makes wonderful sculptures from bits and pieces he has found, using old bits of metal, bones and stone. For an ex bacteriologist and landscape artist he has found another outlet and I wish I had his talent.
Anyway, the “vernissage” (opening of the exhibition) was last evening, and the catering, ambiance and the art were all perfect. But, typical with the French, the local curator, a real character, said more that a few words, explained that the 100 years war with England had never been formally ended, and challenged Martin to a duel outside! The weapons were oversized paintbrushes, and the shields were painting palettes.


I am not sure that there was a victor, but the real victory was for the evening. Well done all concerned!
Blog Link Credit: Our French Adventure

Comments from local Blogs...

Sculpture Exhibition

Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel. https://tourtheloire.com
On Saturday evening I went to the opening of Martin Looker’s exhibition of his sculpture. Martin works with found objects, often metal. He is inspired by their shape or pattern to make a work, sometimes adding a bit of paint for colour. He has a good eye for proportion and makes works which have a wide appeal. They are a nice size for display in a modern home, and keenly priced for those who like original works but don’t have a substantial budget. For less than a couple of hundred euros you can acquire a work for your coffee table or mantelpiece. By the end of the opening drinks and nibbles he had sold half a dozen sculptures.
Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel. https://tourtheloire.com
The exhibition is on at the Espace Mose in La Roche Posay (the old
college building opposite the market square). It finishes on 24 February and is open every afternoon until then.
Photographed by Susan from Loire Valley Time Travel. https://tourtheloire.com
According to a contact of mine on Facebook, this type of metal is known by the metal detectorist fraternity as ‘hedge fodder’. He commented that he was pleased to see it being put to such good use.
Blog Link Credit: Days on the Claise